Understanding the mind-body-soul connect.

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At IHC, we believe that whatever any individual is experiencing now is because of the choices that he/she had made in the past.

To understand this, let us visualise theat our mind, body and soul are the three corners of an equilateral triangle(a triangle with equal sides). As long as they remain at the corners of the equilateral triangle, our life is smooth. However, any disturbance causing a shift in the sides of this triangle to be not equal will manifest as a problem in our life.

We must understand that we were all created equal at birth(exceptions can be there in case of issues at birth, however the majority of us are born as equals). This can be connected to our analogy of the equilateral triangle. However, as we grow up we find that our experiences and conditioning changes the harmony and balance of our mind, body and soul. In other words, they are no longer at the corners of an equilateral triangle. The shift in the dimensions of the sides of this triangle cause the resultant shifts in our life.

We (now) go by our belief system(which was not present when we were born and were children). The belief system is created by our conditioning based on the environment and surroundings that we grow up, the experiences that we face in life and our exposure to various situations/events. It defines the way we think, react and respond to life situations. It also defines the choices that we make in life !

Most of the problems being experienced by the individual are his/her own creation (consciously or unconsciously). This causes the person to attract various situations into his/her life. The interesting part is that we can attract prosperity, good health, good things into our life the very way that attract poverty, ill health/disease or bad things into our life. The irony is that we may not be even aware of why things happen to us…!!

Wish life would have come with an operations manual!

At IHC, we use a variety of cutting edge technologies involving the mind-body-soul connect which are safe and very effective. They provide fast remedy, have no side effects, and are being accepted globally.

If you need any clarifications to your queries pertaining to situations in your life or that of a loved one, please write to us at myquery@ihc.org.in. Your case would be treated with utmost respect, care and confidence and we shall revert back to you.