It’s time to start living your life better. So choose the aspect of your life that needs to be corrected -  your health, personal life, professional life, getting rid of fears or phobias or addictions, any other aspect.

We have helped many achieve the transformation of their choice. Get clarity on what you want and we will help you get it.


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We (as human beings) are blessed with unique skills and talents, including the ability to attract things (good or bad). However, most of us are unaware of this and live in the world of our past conditioning. Most of our problems emanate out of our ignorance of the laws of the universe. These laws apply to all - irrespective of our gender, nationality, caste, creed, language or religion.

At India Hypnosis Center, our focus is to bring about positive changes (as desired by you) using the latent potential hidden deep inside of you - the power of your sub-conscious mind. We bring about transformations by harmonizing the mind-body-soul connect using non-invasive techniques which are free from any side effects.

Our area of specialization includes the following amongst others:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy using many techniques including age regression, past life regression, life between lives.
  • Neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) to bring about effective positive changes.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for resolving a wide range of problems including pain alleviation.
  • Fusion Therapy Techniques (FTT) using a fusion of many therapy techniques to bring about effective changes in the shortest period of time.
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Working with the Superconscious in the Esdaille state, Ultraheight, amongst many more advanced techniques.


At India Hypnosis Center (IHC), our main activities involve one-to-one private sessions, corporate workshops, online sessions using Skype, training  & certification, support to our students for setting up their own practice or handling cases, organizing awareness through social media and other events, etc.

Should you need any inputs from us, please do write to us at

We would like to highlight our expertise in the following areas for your consideration:

  • Pain Alleviation and healing of cases with auto-immune diseases, tennis elbow, cancer, and even coma cases.
  • Performance improvement in students, youth, personal & professional lives.
  • Getting rid of fears and phobias, smoking or alcohol or any other addiction.
  • Issues related to pregnancy, child birth and parenting.
  • Activating the Law of Attraction in the true sense to help those seeking jobs, career growth, improvement of financial situation, love life, etc.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops for training & creating awareness to corporates, educational institutes, society, etc.
  • Training from basic to advanced levels on subjects of clinical hypnotherapy.
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Testimony from our student Kamala



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