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India Hypnosis Center (IHC) welcomes you to the beautiful world of Hypnosis.

What does the word "Hypnosis" conjure in your mind ? Hypnosis is a subject that everybody has an opinion about but most have never experienced on their own.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is something which people are clueless and baffled about !

At IHC, we shall strive to bring hypnosis and hypnotherapy as close to each one of you.

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India Hypnosis Center


Three Key Offerings of IHC.

  • Learn Hypnosis

    Learn the most advanced and up-to-date hypnotherapy course with us.

  • Hypnotherapy Sessions

    Get relief for a wide variety of your problems through hypnotherapy. It is recognised as the most efficient methodology for bringing about permanent changes. No medicines, no side effects !

  • Wellness Workshops

    Tailor-made workshops on a wide range of topics including bringing about self-improvement, simple ways to harmonizing the mind-body-soul connect and the benefits associated with these transformations, performance improvement, parenting, lifestyle balancing, attracting abundance, etc.

Complimentary technologies..

At IHC, we specialize in creating hybrid or fusion techniques using other technologies which compliment hypnotherapy like Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Reiki, Emotion Free & Trauma tapping, etc.

It has been our experience that clients respond faster and get better and long lasting relief with fusion techniques. For example, Reiki under hypnosis is very powerful & effective. Similarly, tapping removes all the blocks and makes hypnosis very effective. Conversational hypnosis using NLP is very effective for bed-ridden and coma clients.

Our offerings and how it can benefit you...

  • Spread awareness.

    Our main objective is to spread awareness about the existence of alternate healing methods.

    We have realized that once the client is made aware of the need for harmonizing the mind-body-soul connect, they get ready for the transformation and are able to lead purposeful lives.

  • One-to-one counselling sessions.

    One of the most powerful ways to bring profound changes in the individual is our on-on-one counselling sessions with our specialists. This helps them let go of all negative emotions and energies stored from their past and replace it with positivity which then helps them to lead a happy & meaningful life.

  • Wellness Workshops

    We conduct workshops for corporates, social groups on topics of bringing about self-improvement, simple ways to harmonizing the mind-body-soul connect and the benefits associated with these transformations.

    We teach the participants how to attract abundance of all positive things into their lives by making simple and easy changes in their lives.

  • Basic & Advanced level trainings.

    At IHC, we are committed to creating more and more dedicated professionals who are desirous to earn a livelihood by helping out others.

    Our students are doing a great service to their clients.

Client speak...

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